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07/04/2011 - johannes dice:
bonito de mais que pena que nao esta junto
27/07/2011 - NARO dice:
19/02/2012 - lasmuestras son escelentes dice:
esbueno pessar en jehova y transformar su mentalidad
13/07/2012 - ODiEYyXllDlpWY dice:
Heterosexism and their elitist audttite towards sexuality.They can't acknowledge that some Gay Men are monogamous about as much as they can't acknowledge that a lot A LOT of Straight men sleep around, even those who are married.My thing is, you should be honest with yourself and your partner(s) right up front. If monogamy is not your thing, then at least consider a polyamorous relationship then. (As long as all involve are consenting adults.)References :
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